Emma Hall hair design operate a colour safe policy. 
We as a salon believe that hair colour should be carried out as safely as possible, making colouring hair safe and worry free  for us and our guests. 

From 2020, it is now a government requirement that every colour guest must be allergy alert tested before each service. Without this we cannot perform a colour on your hair

We have two systems,

This is our preferred testing method. We will have a quick chat with you, and apply a small amount of tint to your arm, cover with a plaster, and this should be kept on for 2 hours, then wiped off. the area should be monitored for the next 48 hours. Should no allergy appear, (it rarely does) then we are good to go. 

We can post out a test to your home, and you can perform the test on yourself 48 hours before visiting, as above. These will be posted the week before your visit. Please note, these need to be requested, and can only be provided if you don't live in Edinburgh or cannot visit the salon before your service.

This is essential for your colouring journey, and we cannot perform a colour service without this step