the wig bank was set up around ten years ago by an amazing and inspirational lady called Agnes Lennox.
On trying to find a wig in Edinburgh when she sadly heard she was to have chemotherapy, found the treatment she received in a wig shop insensitive and uncaring, losing one's hair is such a traumatic time for anybody, and she felt there must be a better way, and a cheaper way to do it. She decided to set up a wig bank. A place where people could donate their unwanted wigs, where she would wash, trim and condition them, selling them on for around £10-£20. And also brand new wigs at JUST £40!(most wigs elsewhere cost upwards of £200) she set up a network of wigbanks all over the UK. money from each wig would be donated to Maggie's cancer centre at the Western hospital. To this day she has raised almost £9000 for Maggies.
 very sadly, Agnes passed away in November 2011, after her long battle with cancer.
Her sister Elizabeth Cameron and Emma Hall, who was a friend of Agnes's, felt that her legacy must continue. She was such an amazing and selfless lady. To read her truly inspirational story, visit www.wigbank.com
The wigbank now resides at 19a Haddington Place, Edinburgh
A place where you can come and try on wigs (whether you need them or just for fun, wigs can be worn by all!) We have an extensive collection, something for EVERYONE!!  For donations of wigs which are so gratefully received and appreciated by us, and others who need them, please post to us with a card with your name and address on to 
Emma, wig bank, 19a Haddington Place Edinburgh EH7 4AF
please feel free to book an appointment to come in and see our experts where we can decide on the perfect look for you. We have a private room at the back of the salon, where you can comfortably try on wigs, and relax. 
 Call 0131 557 4888 to book an appointment.